Adventure Rental System - Time tracking rental sorftware
Rental Tracking and Reservation Software

Get Off of Paper

Digitalize your Rental System

ARS uses technology to streamline reservations, waivers, accounts, and rental tracking. 



NFC wristbands and tags

ARS uses Near Frequency Communication (NFC) technology to start and stop the rental timer for groups, individuals, or equipment. Large volume rental companies will appreciate how easy it is to track hundreds of people without having to search through files looking for paperwork. Just scan the tag and the equipment is check-in/out.


online and back-end reservations

Copy and paste a widget into your website to easily take online reservations. Customers will be required to complete a waiver before a deposit is taken for the rental. Deposit settings are adjustable to match your business model. Easily convert a reservation into a rental ticket with the click of a button making check-in super speedy.

memberships and loyalty points

Easily sell monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annual memberships and track auto payments per customer. This is a proven method of increase off season revenue and boosting customer loyalty. Apply membership rules to your rental configurations, allowing members to make reservations for free, or charge a small fee. Offer loyalty/reward points for spending.

real-time resource management and display

Never overbook equipment again! Reservations and current rentals utilize the same resource pool letting you know when you are running low on gear, when you are out entirely, and when it is returning. Display this in real-time in your shop and online.

gratuity and signature capture

At the completion of a rental, the total ticket is sent to a tablet with a gratuity option included. Print, email, or both options are available. Digital signatures are stored in the customer profile, saving you receipt paper costs and storage space once again!

Fully adjustable rental pricing and rules

Every business has it's own rental rules and pricing based on preference and sometimes location. We built ARS with this in mind. You can configure multiple tiers for different types of customers and establish rate steps and charge by hour, half-day, day, week, month... whatever you choose really.

digital waiver and crm

Registration starts with customers signing a digital waiver using Once the customer has completed a waiver, they are available to be added to a rental ticket. Schedule follow up emails to engage your customers right away. Save paper costs and storage space. Gone are the days of trying to read someones handwriting when entering emails into your database!

Mindbody online api

ARS is built off of Mindbody Online, a powerful software program that over 75,000 fitness studios around the world use to manage customers, payments, memberships, inventory, and loyalty programs.

Reporting and data collection

For many rental companies,data is hard to mine. Collecting average rental time, number of uses per client/day, total uses per equipment over a time period, and other metrics can be near impossible unless you are using software to track time and use. ARS has built in reporting so you can start to identify trends and use that data to affect business decisions.