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Rental Tracking and Reservation Software

First 50 Clients


First 50 Clients 6 months FREE

ARS is built by and for rental companies. So far we have utilized data and experience from 2 ocean watersport companies in California. ARS officially launched in July of 2017 and we are so confident that you will love ARS, we are willing to give the first 50 their first year FREE. We will also include our basic setup of 3 hours to get you started. 

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ARS Pricing

Prepaid: $60/month ($720 paid once annually)

Monthly: $79/month (billed monthly)

No contracts, ever! 3 hour start-up included. Additional setup and consulting fees arranged on an individual basis. 

What's Required?

Mindbody online

In order to use ARS, a Mindbody Online account is required. The basic account works fine for most companies. Mindbody Online is the credit card processor and is the meat behind your POS and CRM systems. Mindbody Online has over 100,000 gyms, studios, and fitness centers currently in their network.

ARS requires all customers to have signed a legal waiver document digitally. is the portal to all ARS tickets. 

Internet Connection 

ARS is a cloud based software and requires an internet connection. This can be done using cell phone signals in remote areas, but without a USB port the system will not support wristbands (manual mode will still work).


Computer (desktop or laptop): ARS works on MAC and PC and requires 1 USB port for the ARS reader.

Tablets: Depending on the size of your operation, we recommend at least 2 tablets that you can connect to wi-fi for capturing digital waivers and signatures.

Wristbands: ARS uses NFC wristbands that cost roughly $0.85/piece and are reusable. We use about 100 per year.  

NFC Reader: You will need at least one USB NFC reader to scan wristbands. You can purchase these on Amazon